Community Latin American Leadership with the State of Israel

May 25-27, 2022-

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun



Wednesday, May 25, Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27

Cancún, México.

With the presence of Dr. Nachman Shai.

Minister of the Diasporas of the State of Israel


On May 23rd 2021, we had the opportunity to meet virtually with the leaders of all the communities of Latin America, in a dialogue that on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of Israel, was initiated with the central idea of analyzing the state of the situation of the relations between Jewish Communities and Israel.

Since that moment in May, many changes have taken place in the politics of Medinat Israel and in the Jewish world in general.

The idea is to restart the dialogue and move on to concrete work, and for that we have assured the presence of  the new Minister of Diasporas, Dr. Nachman Shai, whom everyone surely already knows and has heard in formal meetings.

Our idea is that the dialogue and the work initiated between us will be not only a space for listening, but also the possibility of finding concrete ways of rapprochement, with topics of common interest such as formal and non-formal.

Around 40-50 Leaders from all over Latin America Jewish Communities, will have an intensive encounter between Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th of May, in Cancún, México to discuss and arrive to common issues to be addressed in the next years by the jewish communities of the region, and its relation and joint efforts with the State of Israel.

Jewish Education, Security, the integration of all the currents of Judaism, cultural contact as a way of mutual knowledge and connection…and more.

We are convinced that this Dialogue will be a great opportunity to meet and deepen relations with all Jewish communities in Latin America, and that it will be of mutual benefit helping us us to advance in the renewal of the  joint goals of  Jewish communities and Israel, which is an objective that unites us in our Zionist enterprise.

See you in Cancun!